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Member Participation Form and Invoice

Over the past several years significant utility issues have been debated in the State Legislature which has had a direct impact to public utilities and the citizens they serve. These issues range from utility taxes to competitive bidding laws to open meeting laws as well as a number of state regulatory issues which impact your utility.

The Alabama Public Utilities Alliance is your opportunity to know about legislation which will impact your utility. This service is based on public utility issues only. An advisory committee has been formed to assist in the development of this alliance.

We invite you to subscribe to this state legislative monitoring service which will provide you with weekly legislative updates during all sessions of the Alabama Legislature. 

Too many times public utilities live with legislation passed by the Alabama Legislature without having a voice. This information service will let you know of all adverse legislation as it is initially introduced. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to express your utilities position on individual bills of importance while they are being debated.

Please subscribe today and have a voice in the future of your utility.  If you would like to join us, follow this link for a participation form and an invoice to send in your annual subscription fee.

Member Invoice 
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