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Jonathan A. Hand
Executive Director

Andrea G. Salvador
Director of Communication and Marketing

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Executive Director

Jonathan A. Hand
Executive Director

Jonathan A. Hand

(334) 954-3221


Educational & Professional Background

Working in the halls of Congress since 2003, Jonathan A. Hand has a proven knowledge of the legislative process on both the federal and state levels.

Having worked for Congressman Jo Bonner as a senior legislative assistant, Hand worked directly with the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on Resources to enact the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (Public Law 109-432) resulting in energy royalties for the state of Alabama in the multi-millions of dollars.  In addition, Hand has been a leader for the state of Alabama in the ongoing federal water war negotiations with the states of Florida and Georgia.

Hand has a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama.  Hand is executive director of the Alabama Public Power Utilities Alliance, an organization for municipally-owned natural gas and water utilities and to natural gas districts throughout Alabama. Also, Hand continues to focus on federal and state energy utility legislation as the executive director for the Electric Cities of Alabama, representing approximately one million consumers in 36 cities across the state of Alabama.  In 2009, Hand moved back to his home state of Alabama where he lives with his wife, the former Elizabeth Clay Currey of Selma.  The Hands make their home in Montgomery, Alabama.




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